I Loved Star Wars. . . .

And now I feel betrayed.

The picture in the Featured Image for this article was taken in 2005 in a Line up to see EPISODE III REVENGE OF THE SITH in Victoria B.C. Canada.

The young lady in the photo and I flew all the way from London Ontario to visit old friends of mine who I wanted to watch the final film in the Prequel Trilogy. Once again excited for STAR WARS and sad that there will be no more.

The Film itself I enjoyed but was mad at the story being revealed before my eyes, what we hoped would be the ultimate tragic story of a hero fallen, felt more like the whinny end of a Saga, that thankfully had 3 more movie in front of it to redeem what we had just gone though starting in 1999.

In my previous Blog, I discussed, heavily, the need to surround yourself with creatives who will push you, and avoid "Yes Men".

It was clear to all of us fans at the time, Lucas had too many YES men at his side since he was footing the bill for all three of these films.

What we didn't appreciate was that he was driving the Industry to new heights of special effects, and pushing technology to what we have today.

Every screen is digital now, it is rare to watch a "Film" anymore.

You can thank George Lucas for that as well.

But now it is 2019, and in little under two months time, we will have the "Final" Episode in the Skywalker Saga with THE RISE OF SKYWALKER.

For me, this will be the third Strike in this horrible Disney take on Star Wars.

These are cheesy Fan films, Rebooting Episode IV with THE FORCE AWAKENS, Then retreading yet reversing the plot of Episode V with THE LAST JEDI, and Finally Rehashing Episode VI with THE RISE OF SKYWALKER.

Notice something there?

Every title in the Disney Sequel trilogy has to start with the word THE.  Drives me nuts .. . 

From the DUCK BILLED masks of the First Order troopers ( not going to insult Stormtroppers by calling them that) to the VADER Wannabe in Kylo Ren AKA BEN SOLO AKA Father killer AKA the LAMEST villain to have a hissy fit with the Force . . .

When Vader got mad and used the Force choke, he just stood there and watched them die . . .

Saying all that, my expectations for this final Skywalker film are very low, so there is a possibility that I may actually enjoy this. But right now I don't care. When they kill off Chewbaacca in some lame way ( not in any Epic Fashion as he was Killed off in the EU novels .. ), the circle will be complete, and I can re-watch the new life that Star Wars will bring to TV Streaming with THE MANDALORIAN.


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Ian Fults.