The Creative High.

Ideas.  Visualization. Writing. Editing. Filming. Animating. Directing.


For me and those I work with here at ELP, the creative process is our sole life long passion.

From when I created my first comic strip published in my home town newspaper, to becoming a professional voice actor featured on national commercials and English dubs of Japanese anime, nothing in this world makes me happier when people get together, with a passion, and create amazing projects.

When you see your colleagues come up with something you never thought of and then that allows you to expand it. It just keeps the motor running inside and quite frankly.

Makes me high.

I have never taken any drug to get high, maybe drunk now and then, but the body tells you to stop pretty quick.

Then I get to writing, and directing my artists to the vision I see in my mind. They show me things that were never in my mind but makes the story flow and catch the attention of the audience far better than I could have imagined.

I get high.

And it is wonderful. There is one major caveat that you have to bear in mind anytime you are creating. Especially with a group of fellow creatives. You need to gel.

You need to know that deep inside what they bring to the table when their idea hits your brain you are confidant it was the right one.

Many times I worked with someone only to realize after hours or even days later, when you thought they got your vision, they had no idea where you really wanted to take it.

It is hard to do, egos are bruised but you have to know when to cut it off and find those who help your vision, not try to take over your vision. I can't stress this enough, I tried way too many times to have people who seemed excited for my projects join me, only for them to try to change it to how they see it.

Saying this I am not saying only get "Yes People" in your group, but rather find people that PUSH you further down your vision, see something in your vision that needs improvement. That is key.

So get creating, and bring trusted people into your crazy brain, knowing what you are needing. Never be afraid to ask FOR help, that is where the real fun begins.  

Keep your Imaginations Electrified.

Ian Fults